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A woman looking stressed and uncertain while working, with the text 'Unsure about everything?? Overcome Impostor Syndrome.' The image conveys feelings of self-doubt and hesitation, encouraging readers to address and overcome impostor syndrome.

Unsure about everything??

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I know you have big dreams.

I do, too.

You want to create something meaningful, a business that reflects your values and makes a difference.

But I also understand, like you, that at times, we might hold ourselves back.

You're scared to take risks because you're worried about what people will think.

  • Who are you to do that?
  • This market is too saturated
  • Since when did you become an Influencer

These fears can be paralyzing, leading to self-doubt and hesitation.

I recently read The Gap and the Gain by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy, and it offers some great insights that can help you with some of your imposture syndrome.

This book taught me to focus on my progress instead of always chasing future goals that seem so far out of reach.

Here's how this mindset shift can make a difference in your life and business.

Are You Stopping Yourself From Taking That Next Big Step?

It can feel like:

  • Fear of Taking Risks: Every decision feels like it could go wrong, making it hard to move forward.
  • Fear of Judgment: You worry about what others will think if you fail, which can lead to indecision and inaction.
  • Doubts About Your Skills: Despite all of your accomplishments, you often feel like you're not good enough.
  • Fear of Failure: This fear keeps you from trying new things and seizing opportunities.

These feelings remind you how far away you are from reaching your dreams (the gap) rather than what you've achieved (the gain).

Understanding "The Gap"

An "ideal" is a perfect vision of success that you aim for but can never truly reach because it's always moving forward. As soon as you get close, the ideal shifts, and you're back to square one. This constant pursuit can leave you feeling inadequate because you're always measuring yourself against this unreachable standard. This is known as "the gap."

The Power of "The Gain"

The Gap and the Gain introduces a new concept: instead of measuring your success against an ever-moving ideal (the gap), measure it against where you started (the gain). This simple shift can have significant psychological benefits.

By measuring your current self against your past self, you can reduce feelings of inadequacy and start to feel a sense of accomplishment and progress. This approach reduces your self-doubt and improves your confidence and motivation.

Give Yourself Some Credit

It's crucial to stop and see how far you've come. Here are some strategies to help keep track:

  1. Daily Wins: Keep a journal of three daily wins. Reflecting on these small victories can boost your morale and keep you in a positive mindset. This practice helps you focus on progress and stay motivated.
  2. Measure Backwards: Regularly compare your current self to your past self. This practice can help you appreciate your growth and reduce the pressure of chasing perfection.
  3. Brag Bank: Create a "Brag Bank" folder on your computer. Save screenshots of positive feedback, challenges you've overcome, and reminders of your progress. When you're feeling low, revisit this folder to remind yourself of how far you've come.
  • Gratitude Practice: Incorporate gratitude into your daily routine. I recommend using the 5 Minute Journal for this purpose. It helps you focus on the positives and cultivate a habit of gratitude in the morning and evening.

If you often feel like you're not good enough or are scared to take the next step in your business, I highly recommend reading The Gap and the Gain. This book gives practical advice on shifting your focus from what you haven't done to what you have accomplished. Learning this new way of thinking can be empowering.

We both have big dreams, and our customers count on us to deliver. If you're feeling stuck, need someone to bounce ideas off, or want a pep talk, send me a message. I love celebrating the success of other women, even when they don't do it themselves.

Remember, you're ahead than you think.

Let's keep moving forward together and achieve great things.

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