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My Story…

My journey into the marketing world began when I left my job to stay home after my children were born. I didn’t want to miss a thing during their growing up years. So… I looked for a way to make income from home.

At first, I tried direct sales and Facebook marketing. Then I discovered copywriting, and found I had a passion and a talent for it. Rather than “going back to college” for a traditional degree, I harnessed the power of online learning, and completed dozens of courses in marketing, copywriting, and other business topics. My list of accomplishments includes 3 Certificates of Specialization from Harvard Business School Online, and I am also both a StoryBrand Guide and a Ray Edwards Certified Direct Response Copywriter. I’m not saying a business degree is a bad thing (and good for you if you happen to have one!) but I believe I have picked up all the specialized information I could have gotten from a business degree without the extra courses (and time and expense) that I personally did not need to reach my goals.

As I began to apply this knowledge to my own business and serve my clients, I was also determined to find a way to position work and family needs in some kind of harmony. In my growing-up years, my father ran his own business. He struggled constantly – and not always successfully – to balance work and family time. It was frustrating for him and for us! I didn’t want to let the same thing happen to me and my family. I decided I was going to find a way to keep focused on my family AND do meaningful work that provided a good income.

I am happy to report that I have been able to achieve what I desired!

By remaining open to the reality that sometimes either my family or my business will take more of a priority than the other (a harmony rather than a balance!) I’ve been able to see business success without sacrificing my most important relationships or the lifestyle I value.

As I’ve worked with clients on business concerns, I have seen up close how much other women struggle to achieve this same harmony. It breaks my heart when women come to me and say that their spouse (or relative, or best friend) tries to be “helpful”... but says things that are not helpful at all.

Things like…

  • “What you are trying to do is just not realistic.” OR
  • “Well, this kind of business can’t really work where you live.” OR
  • “You gave it a good go. It’s probably time to give up and get a regular job.”(That one is the worst! They’re telling you to give up on your dream!)

They mean well,

but all they’re doing is putting their own fears on you. It about breaks you every time you hear this, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s even gotten to the point where you shy away from talking about your business because you just can’t stand to hear it one more time.

But I say… Enough of all that!

Dare to be who you are. Dare to reach for your dream. You CAN do it!

I wholeheartedly believe the world would be a better place if women were freed to do what they love and make good money doing it. Our households would be different. Our communities would be different. All because women finally stopped buying in to the status quo and made their unique mark on the world.

That’s why I am so passionate about helping women succeed in business. And that’s why I started this movement inside Post Road Marketing.

I want to help you stay connected to others in business. I want to help you find the trusted routes for gathering and sharing important information. I want to help you blaze new trails where necessary, providing safe and reliable paths for others to find new types of products, services and information. Choose the Post Road path to marketing and get excited, because you are going to see success!


  • One size NEVER fits all!
    You and your business are unique.
    Your marketing plan should be too.
  • Words hold POWER!
    It’s the words that sell, not the fancy graphic design.
    I’ll teach you the words to use that build relationships & generate revenue.
  • Tech should not hold you back!
    The digital world can be intimidating!
    I’ll demystify the tech so it’s no longer a barrier to your success.
  • Community is key!
    Forget competitiveness and seeing other businesses as the enemy!
    Women gain more strength & wisdom when they work together in community.
  • Work Life Balance is not realistic!
    I stand for work-life HARMONY instead, where both professional success and personal well-being are achievable (while maintaining sane working hours.)
  • YOU hold your power!
    Every woman has untapped potential, just waiting to be unleashed! I’ll help you reclaim your time, your value, and your voice.

Freedom is within your reach!

There’s nothing special about me that makes me more able than you to do this.

  1. I don’t have a Harvard MBA.
    You saw that if you read my story above.
  2. I don’t even have a formal business degree.
    But I do have important certifications showing that I know most of the same things, and better than that, I have years of APPLYING that knowledge in real-world settings working with clients.
  3. I am not a tech genius
    I am tech friendly though! And I have sorted out how to do all the tech things you will need to do in your business. I can explain it to you in terms you will understand, and help you get started, so you become confident using it!
  4. I am not Wonder Woman, magically avoiding every bullet.
    Although I sometimes wish I was Wonder Woman, I am just a person much like you. Things do not go perfectly for me every time. I have doubts and fears. And sometimes everything falls apart for a minute. BUT… I maintain a multi-faceted approach to life and business that sets me up for success. This is rooted in proven methods that I have seen really work. And it’s easily customizable to fit your unique situation.


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