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Marketing should create results

We use a 7-part framework to help you stand out online and grow your business
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Marketing takes a lot of time, and you never feel like you know what you are doing... but what if you have focused on the wrong thing? 


You have spent a lot of time using social media to grow your business, but you are not getting the results you want. You see other businesses growing their following and having sell-out launches which makes you wonder why it isn't happening for you. 

The truth is it does not matter how good your product is – or even how pretty the marketing is – if the message isn't dialled in, you won't connect with your audience.

Your message is the foundation of all your marketing efforts. 



At Post Road Marketing, we help create a message that will engage your audience and encourage them to buy without worrying about algorithm changes or feeling salesy.

Increase Customers & Sales

People will understand what you do, the problem you solve, and how to do business with you

Become a Leader

Know exactly what to say to position your company, services, and products as the industry leader

Consistent Marketing Plan

You'll have a simple repeatable system in place to deliver consistency across all platforms 

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You wish you could hire out your marketing


It's critical to get your marketing right, especially with more businesses online competing for your audience's attention. 

With 13 years of experience in online marketing, we've learned that having a clear message is more important than following the latest trend. It shouldn't be about gaining followers; it's about making money.

As a StoryBrand Guide, Erica uses this framework to help our clients have a repeatable system which helps them create and execute marketing, saving them time and money. They know what to say and are seeing results. 

Erica L Waddell StoryBrand Guide

You're 3 Steps Away From Standing Out 


The average person sees 3000 commercial messages daily, it’s time to learn a repeatable framework that delivers results

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Let's get to work

We will create custom, clear, and memorable marketing to make your business stand out

Finally, see results

People will start engaging with your content and you will experience an increase in sales

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Sadie Jane's Cupboard

I own a small business in rural NB. My business started to grow to the point I was all in or get out. I had attended a Facebook pointer session with Erica to help me with my posts etc.

A couple of years later my business was growing again. I decided that I would need a website (how scary). Lacking the technical skills and website knowledge I reached out to Erica who was more than accommodating (and patient) in assisting in developing a rock solid site. She was able to answer all of my questions, know how scary this was for me and made it all very comfortable, but at the same time very professional.

She has promised to continue to be my go to (did I mention patient) and has proven to be a absolute necessary resource for me. I believe my business has grown in part to her and her help through the process. I could not be more happy with the results. I would hands down recommend this gal for any help you might need and to ease any jitters you may have about the process.


Byers Boutique

Before I started working with Erica, my message was all over the place. I was so worried about following trends instead of focusing on what my business actually offered.

While I started working with Erica through her “Simple Facebook Marketing Academy” course, we now work one on one to create a clear message for my website, e-mail campaigns and social media marketing.

Erica goes above and beyond for her clients and encourages you every step of the way.

This lady knows all the things. I cannot stress that enough. She has endless ideas to share and is more than just a marketing coach. Don’t waste another minute trying to figure everything out yourself.

Get a clear message with someone who cares about you and your business.

You're scared to invest in more training because it might not work

You've invested in several marketing programs but haven't seen the desired results. It sucks because you did the work, but it didn't move the needle. You feel like you need to become a professional marketer.

The problem is a lot of these training are missing the first step to success, which is having a clear brand message.

Right now, you're unknowingly overwhelming your customers with too many choices, using insider language, or giving mixed messages across your online platforms.

These programs didn't teach you how to use clear and simple language your customers understand.

When you have a clear message you:

  • Get excited about sending people to your website
  • Have a framework to launch new products or services
  • A system in place to continuously attract new leads
  • Deliver a consistent message internally and externally
  • Have customers referring your business to others
  • Easily explain what your business does.

When you know what to say, marketing becomes easier, and you'll finally see the results you deserve.

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Reach More People

The services we offer to help you stand out in a noisy market.

Email Marketing
Sales Funnel
Marketing Strategy
Content Strategy
Social Media Strategy
Brand Identity
Custom Workshops
Digital Course
1:1 Coaching
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