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The World’s Most Valuable Skill Is Copywriting: Here Are 5 Frameworks To Help You Master It In Record Time


The world’s most valuable skill is copywriting.

Unfortunately, the constant need to prove themselves keeps many from ever mastering it. They spend hours (and usually a ton of money) trying to learn traditional marketing methods, all the while failing to realize the world has changed. The traditional way of marketing isn’t relevant anymore—because now, in order to be successful, you have to connect authentically and emotionally with your audience.

I know, because I wasted years and thousands of dollars trying to learn this myself.

But, my loss is your gain.

Here are 5 powerful copywriting frameworks that will save you dozens of painful hours trying to master copywriting yourself:

1. Donald Miller’s Copywriting Framework

Donald's StoryBrand framework completely changed the way I approach copywriting. According to Miller, all you need to do is:

  • Position your customer as the hero of the story.
  • Define a problem that your customer faces.
  • Present your product as the guide that helps the hero overcome their problem.

2. Gary Halbert’s Copywriting Framework

Hang this up in your room somewhere—and stare at it every day.

  • Write like you talk.
  • Make your copy interesting.
  • Always have a strong call to action.

3. Ray Edwards’ Copywriting Framework

Ray's PASTOR method is considered a staple in the world of copywriting.

  • Problem - Identify your audience's problem.
  • Amplify - Highlight the consequences of not solving the problem.
  • Solution - Present your product as the solution.
  • Testimony - Provide testimonials as proof.
  • Offer - Make your offer.
  • Response - Encourage response or action.

4. Joanna Wiebe’s Copywriting Framework

Struggling with connecting to your audience?

  • Use their words, not yours.
  • Show, don't tell.
  • Always focus on benefits, not features.

5. David Ogilvy’s Copywriting Framework

Finally, this is how you achieve persuasive copy:

  • Research your product and audience thoroughly.
  • Write with clarity and simplicity.
  • Always test your copy.

These 5 frameworks completely changed the way I thought about copywriting.

If only I had discovered them sooner…

Over the years, I have learned that most people who want to write compelling copy end up failing because they focus too much on selling and not enough on serving. They think fancy words will win people over, and never realize that genuine connection is what's actually holding them back.

Here are some of the other reasons I've learned people fail at copywriting:

Reason #1: People fail because they don't understand their audience.

Reason #2: People fail because they focus too much on features, not benefits.

Reason #3: People fail because they don't write in a conversational tone.

Overcoming failure is a crucial part of succeeding, moving forward, and making actionable progress. But don't worry: we've all been there. Just remember, copywriting is a skill that can be learned and perfected over time with practice and patience.


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