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It’s Time to speak Your Dreams into Existence


It’s time to speak our dreams into existence.
As women, we’ve been told to be modest and not brag. Society tells us not to dream too big in case we get hurt. Forget that!

When we share our dreams, we invite others to support us. They might have the connections or resources we need. Keeping our dreams to ourselves doesn’t help us reach them.

As women, we often face pressure to stay quiet about our ambitions. It’s time to break free from those limits.

It's scary to say your dream out loud, but here goes...

I dream of being a connector. I want to bring women together and create a hub of information.

A place where women can get advice, support, and learn about opportunities for training and funding to grow our businesses.

I want New Brunswick to have the most female business owners. I dream of our province leading the country, showing what can happen when women are able to build businesses that support their lives and their local economies.

You need to celebrate every step you take toward your dreams. Every accomplishment, big or small, is worth acknowledging.

When my husband gets together with his friends, they relive every good football play they made in high school. These are almost 50-year-old men reliving their high school football plays. Women, on the other hand, are often told to move on quickly. We're told that it happened, it was great, but we shouldn’t focus on it for too long.

But why shouldn’t we celebrate our successes just as proudly?

No matter how small, every victory deserves to be cherished and shared. Our achievements are milestones on our journey to our dreams.

Sharing your dreams and achievements inspires other women. It shows them that their dreams are possible, too.

Start today. Share your vision and dreams. Don’t let fear or modesty hold you back.

Post it on Instagram and tag me. I want to help you make it come true.

The world needs to hear your voice. Incredible things happen when we speak our dreams into existence.


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