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Shit Helps Your Business Grow

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I get it—you’re an overachiever who doesn’t want to look stupid. You might worry that trying something new and failing will make you look unprofessional or inexperienced. But here’s the thing: if you want to be found by new customers, you need to experiment and put yourself out there.

A saying I recently heard and really related to is, “Shit makes everything grow,” and I got thinking how true that is. Whether you’re growing a garden or a business, shit will help you grow!


Think about it this way:

  • Fertilizer in the Garden: Just like how compost helps plants grow stronger and healthier, those imperfect efforts and mistakes you make in business can lead to real growth. For example, launching a product that didn’t perform well teaches you valuable lessons for next time.

  • Nourishing the Soil: Fertilizer enriches the soil, making it more productive. Similarly, trying new things enriches your experience and skill set. Maybe you tried a new social media strategy that didn’t work as planned, but now you know what resonates better with your audience.

  • Embracing the Mess: Gardens thrive with a bit of messiness and organic matter. Your business will thrive when you embrace and learn from imperfections. Think about a time when a project didn’t go perfectly but ended up leading to a new, better idea.

  • Learning from Nature: Gardens teach us patience and the value of nurturing. In business, learning from mistakes teaches us resilience and the importance of persistence. Remember when you faced a setback but pushed through and came out stronger on the other side?

Of course, fertilizer can also make weeds grow, but we can remove them. Similarly, not every experiment will succeed, and that’s okay. We can learn from these failures, weed out what doesn’t work, and move forward stronger.

None of us want to produce imperfect content, products, or experiences, but it happens. Hindsight is always 20/20, so you need to keep evolving and growing.

Remember, the most successful women in business are those who aren’t afraid to get a little messy and learn from their mistakes.

So go ahead and spread that 💩 everywhere...even on barren land, because opportunities often pop up in the most unexpected places.


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