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Instagram Disabled My Account-No 2


If you saw my video on Friday you know that I woke up and discovered that Instagram disabled my account and I have no idea why.

 The message is that I have violated their terms of service, but I've read through them, and I definitely haven't. I've never had one report that any content or comment was flagged or reported.

 I spent the weekend doing research on this, and it turns out that this has been happening to A LOT of people. I think the statistic was that 85% of the accounts never violated any of the terms. It can take hours-months to get your account back. For one person, it took 8 months of filing a report every day with Instagram.
I'm honestly not so worried about the account itself, but I regret never downloading my content because I can't get that back. When I first started my IG account, it was personal, so I have a lot of pictures of my kids when they were younger on it that are now gone.
Yesterday, I spent a few minutes and downloaded my personal & business content off of Facebook. You want to back it up like you would do your computer.
I HIGHLY recommend you all to do this too.

No one is immune to being randomly shut down and you don't want to lose any of your memories.


You can watch my previous update here: 

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