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How to increase email open rates

How to Increase Email Open Rates


Are you noticing that your email open rates are on a decline? If you answered yes, review these strategies to bring that rate back up and fast.

Low email open rates can impact your sales, and we don't want that.

To better understand how to make that increase happen, let's dive into what an email open rate is.

First, it indicates the number of email subscribers that open an email you sent. You compare it to the total number of subscribers on your mailing list. You calculate your open rate by dividing the number of people who opened the email by the total number of subscribers. Then multiply that number by 100%.

Knowing your open rate allows you to understand what resonates with your customer.

Here are some simple ways to tweak your emails and increase those open rates.

Spark Curiosity

Using a subject line that intrigues someone enough to open that email and read it is one of the biggest things you can do. Your subject line can target your customers' frustration with a problem they may have. You can also grab attention with free offers or add a shock value subject line. You want your subject lines to be catchy and appealing.

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There is nothing better than opening your email that offers excellent information and a giggle. It shows personality and allows your subscribers to build a connection, and people will not waste their time on a robot email with no character.

Offer Amazing Content

Address the pain points and problems people are having, then offer that solution to them. Let them know that you can guide them and have the answers they are seeking.

Your subscribers have come to you because of your niche, so offer them valuable content.

Give them words of encouragement and show them how their lives can be better. Sometimes all people need is a cheerleader. Be that champion by providing unique, helpful content. Don't be afraid to ask why people unsubscribe so that you can make the best content out there.

Create a Sense of Urgency/Build Anticipation

FOMO (Fear of missing out) is a real thing, creating a sense of urgency/anticipation for your following email. If you become a resource for your customers, they will not want to miss an opportunity to learn more from you. People need a reason to buy.

Stay Clear From the Spam Filters

Emails that end up in a spam folder rarely ever get seen, let alone opened. It's an email graveyard!

Make sure you are cautious so your emails aren't missed.

  • Avoid "free" in your subject line
  • Don't use all uppercase letters in your subject line
  • Authenticate your email account
  • Include an "unsubscribe" link
  • Don't use your subscriber's emails for anything other than what they signed up for

Keep Emails Short

Let's face it we receive dozens of emails daily. With our busy lives, people don't have time to sit and read lengthy emails all day. Keep your emails short and to the point. People who open a long, drawn-out email usually delete it and move on.

Use Numbers

Who doesn't love a good statistic? People are always more curious and more likely to open your email if you include some numbers. For example, "90% of small businesses will grow their revenue if they do one thing".

That subject line makes me want to click and read what's in that email.


No one can tell you when the best time to send an email is. You have to test which time works for your audience. It's different for everyone, but test at various times throughout the week. People aren't as keen on opening emails during the weekend, but your audience could. Don't be afraid to test. There are no hard-set rules.

You will boost those email open rates and generate more business when you use these strategies.

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