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The Importance of Having an Email List by Erica L Waddell at Post Road Marketing

The Importance of Having an Email List

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The first question I get asked is, “Why do I need an email list?”

Because the majority of online sales take place through email marketing. Email is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter. You get higher click-through rates in emails vs tweets.

Having an email list is essential to having a thriving and growing business

It allows you to build a strong relationship with your target audience. Providing them with extra value and content will create more trust. People don’t typically buy on their first interaction. So establishing a connection is crucial. Getting your emails allows your audience to begin to see why you are the expert in your niche.

Emails create a sense of reciprocity. Nurturing your list by sending helpful content to help them solve a problem. They begin to feel indebted to you. Which increases your likelihood of making a sale when you ask.

It’s another way to contact your audience. Thousands of Meta accounts are being hacked daily. Glitches also happen, and people lose access to their accounts. When you have an email list, you still have a way to continue your relationship.

Social media is “rented space.” Facebook's algorithm decides who to show your content to and when. But you own your email list. Your analytics show your bounce, open, and click-through rates.

When you land in someone's inbox, they have to do something with it. They can read it. They can delete it. Or they can leave it unread. In all 3 situations, they see your name in their inbox. This means you'll be the first person they think of when they experience the problem you solve

Starting an email list also doesn’t have to be hard. You need a call to action on your website/homepage, allowing people to add their email to subscribe. And you need to promote it consistently.

Here are some ways you can entice people:

  • Describe what benefits they will receive when they subscribe
  • Talk about your newsletter on your social accounts. (Don't call it a newsletter- it needs to be something they want. No one wants another newsletter)
  • Create a valuable resource that pops-up when visitors land on your website

The goal of social media is to move your followers to your list. You will see real business growth when you strategically use your email list.

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