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Boost Website Conversions: 3 Important elements you're missing by Erica L Waddell at Post Road Marketing

Boost Website Conversions: 3 Important Elements You’re Missing

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Making the most of your website is key to getting leads, subscribers and sales.

Your website is up and running, but it isn't making sales or getting leads. You keep hitting refresh, waiting for that first sale, and nothing happens. 

I get it, most business owners DIY their websites because they don't have a large marketing budget. Or you hire a graphic designer to make it beautiful.

The problem is the designer knows how to make things beautiful. They know about colours and symmetry, but that doesn’t make people buy things. People buy things because they hear or read words that make them want to buy things. It’s the way we talk about our products that moves our products.  

In this post, we are going to share 3 tips that you can implement on your website to keep visitors on your site longer and improve your conversion rate. You should see an uptick in your results by implementing these three suggestions. 


Memorable Header

You only get one chance to make a first impression in less than 10 seconds. Because you only have 10 seconds, you need to pique your customer's curiosity.

Cute and clever don't sell products. Clarity sells products.

Your header needs to answer three questions:

  1. What do you offer?
  2. How will it make your customer's life better?
  3. What do they need to do to buy it?

Don't use your header to differentiate yourself from somebody else. Clarity itself will differentiate you– because your competition is confusing.


High-value lead generator

A lead generator is (usually) a free asset you offer potential clients to build authority and trust.

Your lead generator can be a PDF, a video series, a free sample, a live event, or anything you can give your potential customer that helps them solve a problem.

Lead generators should position you as the customers' guide, answer your clients' questions, solve their problems, pique their interest, stir a sense of reciprocity, build trust in what you have to offer, and challenge potential customers to take a small action.

The whole point of the lead generator is to get an email address. Remember, when a potential customer gives you their email address, you should consider them a hot lead.

Sending them valuable emails regularly is your best opportunity to continue building a relationship and selling them a product that will solve their problem.

Not following up with your customer after they download your lead magnet is like getting somebody's phone number after asking them out and never calling them back.

If someone gave you their email address, they expect you to email them.

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Call to Action

People don't take action on their own; they need to be challenged to take action.

This means we must tell people we want them to buy something from us. And we need to make it very clear.

Most companies aren't doing this because they fear being too aggressive, overselling, and bothering customers.

If you don't have the confidence that your product can solve your customer's problems, they aren't going to have the confidence to buy.

Your CTA must be the one obvious button to press on your website. So what do direct CTA's look like?

It's pretty simple:

  • Book an appointment
  • Call now
  • Buy now

Avoid vague calls to action like:

  • Learn more
  • Check it out
  • Get Started

You want to repeat your CTA down the page and one in the upper right corner.


Adding these three elements to your website will keep visitors on your site longer, improving your chances of making a sale.

People don’t buy the best products and services, they buy the products and services that are communicated the clearest.



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