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Pricing Strategies for Small Business Owners: How to Price Your Product or Service by Erica L Waddell at Post Road Marketing

Pricing Strategies for Small Business Owners: How to Price Your Product or Service


Setting your rates may feel like an impossible task. You're concerned about what people will say. Will they purchase it at a specific cost? Is that too costly? Let's dissect this after putting all those anxious questions to rest.

Pricing involves several tactics, but the main goal is to make money. IT'S OK TO MAKE MONEY. . Never be afraid to demand the compensation you are due. Do not be scared to ask for the price that you deserve.


1. The first strategy is cost-based pricing. This is a straightforward method where you calculate the cost of making your product and then add a standard margin to that cost. A lot of people fall into this approach and sell themselves short. Don't just price to "make ends meet." Consider the effort and time that went into creating this item. There are more costs (big and small) that go into running a business, not just the raw material it takes to produce your products. Leave room for yourself to make money.


2. The second strategy is market-based pricing. Referring to the market in which your product fits and then pricing your product based on what the competitive market is charging. This strategy is more for companies selling essential resources like sugar, grains etc., and these businesses change their pricing fast to keep up and be competitive with others. 

When owning and running a small business, you can look at what competitors are selling similar products for, but remember that every business is different. They may use other materials, spend more or less time in labour, etc. So keep that in mind, and again don't underprice to be competitive if it's benefiting you.


3. The third strategy is value-based pricing. This is a little more difficult because you are trying to justify the value of your product to the target audience before they even buy it. However, the more you study, the better your product will be. You need to be aware of your worth, and don't be afraid to ask for that value to match you and your business.

People will quickly realize that you are an authority in your field, and they will respect that. You don't have to be the "best" in the industry, but you can show everyone you are worth your selected price. You are better off starting on the high side than starting too low. Once people start using your product at your current rate, they will struggle to pay more for it when you increase your prices, no matter how much they like it.


Using all three pricing strategies, cost-based, market-based, and value-based, can benefit your business. Consider the cost of materials and margins, research your competition, and remember the value of your product. If you have difficulty selling a particular product or service, consider changing your target audience or marketing approach instead of immediately lowering the price. Try targeting a different geographical location or increasing your advertising efforts. There are many ways to improve sales without undervaluing your product.

When pricing services, avoid charging by the hour. This method can lead to clients questioning the value of your service and can limit earning potential. Instead, consider offering bundled or packaged services which are easier to price and sell. A fixed price for your service also allows for better financial stability and eliminates confusion or uncertainty. In conclusion, don't feel guilty about earning money.

As a business owner, it's essential to understand various pricing strategies, know the value of your services, and confidently charge what you deserve. Remember, making a profit is vital to running a successful business.


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