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Instagram Disabled My Account-No 5


It's been 4 weeks today that Instagram locked me out of my account. This has been a stressful process and you have no control over anything and no contact to try and help… but I do have some different news today 🎉

As soon as my account was restored I immediately downloaded my content so if this ever happens again I know I have the pictures of my children backed-up. This is the best part about it. It's memories like the photo below that I want to keep. (She clearly hurt her finger)

What to do if your Instagram Account is Disabled

Should you ever find yourself in this situation here are a few of the forms you can fill out to try and get Instagram to reinstate your account. Unfortunately, there isn't a clear path to having your issue resolved. 


If your Instagram account was set up as a Business or Creator Account you can access Facebook Chat.  To do that visit

  • Hit support in the top right corner
  • Get started on the left side
  • Select your Business Manager Account or your Facebook page
  • Complete the form and hit the Chat button


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