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3 Essential Header Improvements to Elevate Your Website

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Having a solid digital presence starts with your website—it's the foundation.

People might hear about you through friends or social media, but they visit your website for the full story. They're looking for solutions, and your site should provide them.

Despite this, many visitors leave websites within the first 10 to 20 seconds. But if they immediately see what they're looking for, they're likely to stay and explore.

The first thing visitors notice is what's above the fold. This term, borrowed from newspapers, refers to the content visible before scrolling.

Here are three tips to improve this critical area:

1. Make an Immediate Offer Above the Fold

Place a straightforward and compelling sentence at the top of your homepage. This ensures visitors understand your mission and offerings right away. A vague message could drive potential customers away.

Your headline should clearly outline the benefits to the customer, avoiding any distractions. For example, Canva begins with the engaging question, "What will you design today?" followed by a brief explanation of their service and a prominent 'Get started' button.

To craft a strong opening message, consider these strategies:

  • Show an aspirational identity: Your header should resonate with visitors' aspirations and present a clear, impactful message. For instance, a statement like "You don't need years of experience or a degree in marketing to be effective: Drive Results With an Easy-to-implement Sales Framework" directly speaks to the user's desires and offers a straightforward solution.
  • Solve a problem: Clearly state how you can solve common problems. If your service helps with meal planning, a headline like "End meal chaos with our easy plans" directly addresses a visitor's pain point.
  • State exactly what you do: Avoid misunderstandings by being clear about your services from the get-go. For example, 'The Butcher's Daughter' clarifies that it is a Gift Shoppe & Gallery, not a meat market.

2. Clear Call to Action (CTA)

Your site should guide visitors on what to do next, whether it's to shop, book a call, or make a purchase. Place CTAs prominently at the top right corner and the center of the screen above the fold. This setup aligns with the 'Z' pattern in which people typically scan websites, ensuring your CTAs catch the visitor's eye.

3. Incorporate Images of Success

While text is key to conveying your message, images also play an essential role. Include photos of real people benefiting from your products or services. Happy customer images can significantly impact, as they showcase the real-life satisfaction and joy your offerings bring.

Boost Your Website's Effectiveness

Wrapping up, let's make it clear: your website can really shine by following these three simple steps — clear offers, visible calls to action, and showing happy customers. It's all about making your website as inviting and effective as possible.

Now, we know writing for your own website can be tricky. It's easy to forget that not everyone knows your business as well as you do.

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