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The Post Road Marketing Movement

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The Post Road Marketing Movement

We are women who run our own businesses.
We have families and other loved ones who need us – and sometimes need us a lot! We volunteer in our communities and schools. In short… We have busy lives!"

But… We are determined to live our lives differently!

Our businesses are designed around our lives – not the other way around. We embrace the idea that it is not selfish for us to chase after our dreams. We intentionally work to achieve a harmony between nurturing our relationships and tending to our businesses. This allows us to achieve both personal fulfillment and financial success, not just a paycheck. What a satisfying way to live!

In a dog-eat-dog world, we choose to be collaborators, not competitors. This makes us strong, wise, and confident. We are committed to helping each other because we know we are better together.

There’s a lot to learn, see and do in business. And we are ready to take it on. We learn what we need to know, taking help from people who have gone before us. This makes our path easier to walk. We don’t stick with one-size-fits-all solutions. We look together for strategies that fit best with our businesses and our unique lives. Because of this, we are happier and more effective. Our families thrive. Our businesses thrive.

We have decided to stand up and just do what we love! We are happier. The people around us are happier. And we are making the difference we want to make in the world.

We are building lives of purpose and businesses that matter.

We are building a better future for women in business.






But Take Heart


More and more, women are joining the world of the self-employed. And that means more and more women are blazing new trails – which is not an easy thing to do.

Women by nature tend to try and balance all the things and take care of everyone else’s needs before their own. It can be overwhelming!

It’s not selfish for you to chase your dreams. You can prioritize both your personal life and your business life. There can be harmony between them.

We created Post Road Marketing to help you and other women in business.

What do women need to succeed in business & in life? And how can we help?

They need courage, confidence and strength – We EMPOWER

They need skills and help with systems – We EQUIP

They need to know there’s a tribe that has their back – We ELEVATE

The Post Road Marketing Movement is establishing reliable places where information and encouragement can be shared. We are setting up ways to keep it all flowing from woman to woman. We work together, we help each other get what we need, and we make a difference in life and business.

This is the life we lead. You can do it too!

We are taking a stand

We challenge the traditional notion that running a business must be all-consuming, hard, and overwhelming.

We choose not to focus on the words of skeptics who tempt us to limit our potential by their own fears and doubts – suggesting we cannot achieve success in our niche, our area, or our particular situation.

We firmly believe that there is a balanced way to navigate running a business. We do not have to sacrifice time with loved ones or settle for a limited income. We can be successful in both life and business.

It’s time for a shift! There IS a way to do this. And do this well.

We are determined not just to survive. We are going to THRIVE!


  • Hustle constantly and work non-stop
  • Miss out on important moments with family
  • Shoe-horn ourselves into one-size-fits-all marketing
  • Get stuck in procrastination
  • Play the Blame Game
  • See other women in business as the enemy


  • Create a harmony between work & life that allows us to work sane hours

  • Create personalized marketing systems that work for us

  • Build our skill set and get things done

  • Take responsibility for our own success or failure

  • Tap into the benefits of community

  • Live in the freedom of lives and work we love

Which way sounds better to you?

The Post Road Manifesto

Empower. Equip. Elevate.

  • We hold our own power.
    Reclaim your time, your value & your voice. Build a life you love!
  • One size NEVER fits all!
    We deserve strategies that are fitted to our unique businesses and lives.
  • It’s WORDS that sell – we learn to use them well.
    We focus on our message. We communicate simply & clearly.
  • Tech should never hold you back.
    We learn to demystify tech and use it to reach our goals.
  • Community is KEY!
    We are stronger when we work together.


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