Building a Business Shouldn’t be so Hard

An online community that shares training and resources for women in NB who are trying to sell more of their products or services






There is so much to know when you’re running a business.

No matter if you’re just starting out or you’re trying to reach the next level in your business, there is a lot to know.

Add in the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the challenge of crafting a successful strategy, and the uncertainty of securing funding can leave you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

But don't lose hope. Building a thriving business shouldn't be a solo journey filled with stress and confusion.


Introducing The Roundabout

As a business owner, you play a crucial role in directing your business toward success, just like a roundabout guides cars to their destination.

Good business owners must be aware of changes in their industry, adjust their strategies, and make sure their team is working together. They create a smooth and efficient operation, much like a roundabout allows for smooth traffic flow.

Without a skilled business owner, a company may become stuck in a metaphorical traffic jam, unable to move forward toward its goals.

Join a community of like-minded women who are not only looking for skills and connections to strengthen their own businesses but to share what they know with other “commuters.”


Learn new skills

Gain a competitive edge and advance your business by acquiring fresh perspectives and strategies that are both relevant and actionable. These insights will keep you ahead of the curve.

Create an Impact

Sharing your skills and knowledge in a member spotlight can help another woman's business and bring fulfillment. It can create a ripple effect of support and collaboration among women entrepreneurs.

Discover new opportunities

Learn about the benefits of various programs from organizations across the province. Gain a better understanding of how to leverage these programs to your advantage and improve your overall operations.

It’s really hard to know what you don’t know

Women today are facing more pressure than ever before. With higher levels of education and expectations to excel in all areas of life, it can be a struggle to balance it all and maintain good mental health.

Many women are losing sight of their true passions and dreams. What if you could turn your hobbies or skills into a profitable business and connect with a community that supports your growth?

Imagine if New Brunswick held the world record for the most number of women running successful businesses - our economy, government, and children's futures could be transformed.

That's why Erica created a community dedicated to helping women succeed in business and change the province for the better.

As a self-employed entrepreneur since 2009, She’s learned valuable lessons and has made mistakes along the way. She understands the importance of having a supportive network to help navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

Let's work together to achieve your goals and create a thriving community of successful women in business.


Get Ready to Merge!

It’s time to make your move and enter The Roundabout. The other commuters are ready to let you merge in and invite you into the flow of traffic.

Join the Community

We will help you successfully navigate the twists and turns of running a business and help you reach your desired destination.

Use the Resources

Our resources function like GPS and will help you stay on track to reach your goals and adjust course as needed.

Feel the Impact

Create a lasting legacy of positive change not just for you and your family but for women in your community and beyond.


The size of your business is not important

As women, we often underestimate our own abilities and fall into the trap of feeling like we need more qualifications or certifications before we can pursue our passions. However, the truth is that we already possess valuable skills that people are willing to pay for right now.

In fact, there are people making multiple six figures by selling farts in a jar!

Rather than getting bogged down in the pursuit of perfection, we would be much happier if we focused on doing what we're passionate about.

It's okay not to have all the answers or to feel like we're not good enough. The key is to remember that everything is figureoutable and that we can always ask for help.

Whether you're selling crafts at a fair, running a successful company, or just have an idea for a business, we all have something to learn and something to share.

This community is about being brave enough to try, sharing knowledge, and supporting one another in our entrepreneurial journeys.