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We're all about helping women grow their businesses to new heights and achieve their wildest dreams.

Our brand is built around the idea of empowering women in business, and we take a personal, supportive approach to marketing that sets us apart from other agencies. Our founder, Erica, grew up with a father who ran his own business and struggled to balance work and family time. Determined to prioritize her own family, Erica has been working from home since her children were born and has managed to create a harmonious work-life balance. She understands that work-life balance isn't about achieving a perfect equilibrium between work and family, but rather about creating a sense of harmony between the two. By being open to the fact that sometimes one will take more of a priority than the other, we can achieve the financial freedom we deserve while still maintaining the relationships and lifestyle we value.

Erica's journey into the world of marketing began in direct sales and Facebook Marketing before discovering her passion for copywriting. Despite not having any formal education in marketing, Erica has completed dozens of online courses, including 3 Certificates of Specialization from Harvard Business School Online, and is also a StoryBrand Guide.

At Post Road Marketing, we specialize in creating personalized marketing strategies tailored to the unique needs of each client. We don't rely on one-size-fits-all approaches because we know every business is different. Instead, we work with each client to understand their vision, goals, and voice, to create marketing solutions that genuinely work.

Our ideal clients are women who have already established a growing customer base but are looking to take their businesses to the next level. We know that building a successful business can be tough, which is why we have created an inspiring, supportive, and trustworthy environment for our clients to feel like they are part of a family. We don't just sell marketing services; we are invested in our clients' businesses and want to help them overcome any challenge.

If you're a woman entrepreneur looking to take your business to the next level and achieve real freedom, we're here to help. Join our vibrant and passionate community at Post Road Marketing, and let's build a better future for women in business together!


Erica L Waddell Founder of Post Road Marketing

Brittany MacBeth


Being a small business owner means you do a lot of writing, blogs, emails and social media captions. The problem is good content doesn't write itself.

Having a good writer on your team is essential.  

Brittany resides in New Brunswick. If she's not writing fiction or various types of content pieces, you can find her enjoying the outdoors with her three kids and husband. 

Lucky for you, she is accepting clients.

[email protected]