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Erica Waddell


Running your own business takes guts. Not everyone believes in you, and most days, you doubt yourself. As soon as you get one thing figured out, it changes. 

Erica's been self-employed since 2009, and becoming a StoryBrand Guide created the most significant impact.

Knowing how to talk about your product and services clearly is the key to closing more sales.

She runs masterminds, coaches 1:1, and creates custom training for businesses.   

Erica L Waddell Founder of Post Road Marketing

Brittany MacBeth


Being a small business owner means you do a lot of writing, blogs, emails and social media captions. The problem is good content doesn't write itself.

Having a good writer on your team is essential.  

Brittany resides in New Brunswick. If she's not writing fiction or various types of content pieces, you can find her enjoying the outdoors with her three kids and husband. 

Lucky for you, she is accepting clients.

[email protected]